Together We RISE

For some youth, residential care is necessary. While this can be for a variety of reasons, studies have shown a vast majority of youth in residential programs have reported a history of multiple traumatic experiences. Adversity can affect our lives in a multitude of ways. As youth care workers, it is our responsibility to create environments and programing that provides a safe opportunity for healing and growth.

While we can’t take away that hurt and pain youth have experienced, research has shown us that we can cultivate wellness and resilience through intentionally engaging youth in experiences that enhance well-being. In the helping profession, it is important to increase our awareness of toxic stress and the impact that experiences have on the human brain. Within youth care work there is an opportunity to increase our own self-awareness and how to engage in interactions and relationships in a centered and regulatory manner. RISE: Wellness & Resilience Framework takes a holistic approach to programming that is trauma informed, resilience oriented and restorative. The framework is evidence informed and uses brain science to create daily experiences that aim to rewire the brain and offer healing.

RISE: Wellness & Resilience Framework outlines our philosophy of care and approach to treatment. We are mission driven and values oriented. We utilize the framework to create programming and care that is rooted in the power of Relationships. The framework provides insight to increase opportunities that foster the Indicators of well-being and highlight the human conditions needed to enhance resilience and wellness. RISE incorporates elements related to Social and emotional development and Enhancing the connection of the whole person; mind, body and spirit.

Wellness and resilience are both a way of being as well as a way of doing. It lives within each system and interaction that touches the lives of those who receive care and those who give care. The RISE: Wellness & Resilience Framework is not limited to impacting the care we provide to youth and families, it guides our culture and climate and how we onboard, train, support, and continue to empower our dedicated youth care workers. When we invest in creating a workplace culture supportive of staff wellness and resilience, we enhance the healing influence for the children and families we serve. It allows us to show up for youth with purpose and intention.

We believe that fostering wellness and resilience allows for the greatness inside all of us to shine bright; giving a light to others and allowing us to be a bright place for so many. Doing this work is life changing, for those giving and those receiving care. RISE: Wellness & Resilience Framework is about rising; despite the adversity, despite the struggle, despite the tragedy; rising and choosing to live out our greatness. At its core it is about being a bright place, being a light and seeing a light in others.


Jennifer Null, LMFT, RPT-S

Institute of Learning Director , Tanager Place-Meraki Institute of Learning