What You Need To Know To Keep Youth Safe from Traffickers!

The mission of IHTI is to align with metro-wide initiatives that address systemic conditions to improve social, educational, and economic conditions for youth and their families.

WHY: Vulnerable youth often live in impoverished communities, have frail families, and lack positive adult relationships. They are more likely to be approached by a trafficker. Since the pandemic, there has been an uptick in children being contacted by traffickers and predators. Additionally, the definition of a vulnerable child or youth has shifted to include those who have unsupervised access to technology.

The Objective of this presentation will be to clearly define what human exploitation is and the ways those serving youth and young adults can address this heinous crime.


DeAndre' Marshall

, DdM3 Consulting, Inc. (Enlighten Talks)

Email: ddm.enlightentalks@gmail.com