You Don’t Need to be a Neuro-Guru to do Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback (NFB) can sound intimidating to clients, parents and even some professionals. This presentation will help demystify and debunk myths through an insightful and educational look at the biopsychosocial approach to NFB.

We will briefly review the history and science behind NFB and provide an overview of how the brain is affected by stress, technology, and trauma and how that manifests in mood regulation and behaviors.

This presentation will provide professionals with valuable information on how NFB can benefit current services working in tandem with traditional modalities for those in treatment in therapeutic and transitional programs.

We will cover how the act of balancing the brain through neurofeedback compliments and assists in making therapies and modalities currently used work more effectively. The presentation includes references to scientific studies and research supporting neurofeedback. We will also share the results and experiences of programs who have implemented NFB sessions.

As time permits, we will have a demo and/or further define and discuss the biopsychosocial approach to Intake Assessment and qEEG brain mapping, guiding the therapeutic/academic process taking an in depth look at the multifaceted approach: People are not one dimensional and Biological, Psychological and Social aspects all need to be recognized and considered as part of creating the appropriate path for success.


Angie Shockley, MA, CSP

Founder/Owner , Q&A Associates, Applewood Transitions for Young Women, The Journey Transitions for Young Men, and Cabin Mountain Living Center


Dianne Kosto

CEO , SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training