Committees & Affinity Groups

If you or anyone on your staff is looking for a richer experience with ACRC Membership – consider joining a Committee or Affinity Group. Committees are focused on shaping the direction of ACRC with the input of its members. Affinity Groups are specialized groups that focus on sharing information amongst each other to further their knowledge in a given area. A description of all Committees can be found below as well as a list of Affinity Groups.  If you have any interest in joining either a committee of affinity group - contact Sara O'Neil



Most meet once monthly for one hour.   Notes from past meetings available in the Members Only section (must log in to view).

Public Policy

ACRC's public policy committee keeps watch on national public policy issues or initiatives. In recent years it has been federal finance reform and legislation to provide federal oversight of residential programs. They may address the use of psychotropic medications or the trends toward shortened lengths of stay. Whatever it may be, between the committee and ACRC's executive director, we strive to be at the table when these discussions are happening, always providing a resource for what children and families need from the mental health system.

This committee is also responsible for producing ACRC's position papers. Through extensive engagement and research, committee members dive into topics of concern in our field and provide a short thinkpiece on best practices. 


ACRC's research committee both vets potential research projects for our member/organization involvement and develops internal research projects. Recent initiatives have included EHRs (electronic health records) and serving CSEC (commercially sexually exploited) youth. The committee members range from those with research experience and those with an interest in the topic. 


As a membership organization, keeping our membership connected and diverse is important. This committee seeks to find ways to promote the networking, engagement and educational opportunities that ACRC provides as well as ensuring new members are welcomed and integrated into their new network of colleagues.


ACRC's program committee has the task of producing our renowned annual conference. 62 years strong, the conference draws attendees from around the world to dive into clinical excellence and best practices. With an eye on the horizon, they bring cutting edge presentations and presenters to the stage. They also enjoy picking our future conference cities and the fun social events!

Youth & Family

The goal of this committee is to engage, encourage and enhance the youth and family voice within ACRC by actively participating in board decisions, membership, conferences and other committees.  They seek to broaden the awareness and perspective of the youth and family voice within member agencies as well through outreach, education and affiliation. 


Affinity Groups meet on a quarterly basis with one of the meetings being at the annual conference. Current Affinity Groups meeting are: 


House Parent Model 



Notes from past all meetings are available in the Members Only section (must log in to view).