ACRC 2020 Conference Agenda

April 6-9, 2020 San Diego, CA

Monday April 6

Embracing AI: The Tools of Tomorrow Are Here Today

Takkeem Morgan is a problem solver committed to public sector innovation, and his passion is fueled by his firsthand experiences with systems that failed him and his family. Mosaic ParentHub is one of his many ventures leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and...

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Hear Us Out! Essential Collaborative Youth-Guided Approaches

“Nothing about us without us” has long been the rallying cheer from young people for effective policy and service delivery. Learn directly from youth leaders who have successfully elevated authentic youth engagement with various public and private partners. We will...

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What Works? Meaningful Evidence?

We work in complex and nuanced systems and yet debates and decisions are distilled to a simplistic view of ‘what works’. What constitutes ‘good enough’ evidence? How do we explore the lives of youths holistically and take a life course perspective to understand longer...

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