January 12, 2023    
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Using the Professional Quality of Life (ProQol) Scale in Supervision
The Importance of Addressing Compassion Fatigue and Compassion Satisfaction in Supervision

Secondary Traumatic Stress (Figley 1995; 2002), relates to the experience resulting from compassionate and empathic engagement with one who is suffering. Secondary Traumatic Stress  (STS) can seriously impact the helper, regardless of their role. Literature suggested that Compassion Fatigue (Figley & Stramm, 2002) involves the interweaving of job related activities that lead to STS and Burnout but also Compassion Satisfaction which could mitigate the impact of Compassion Fatigue.  The presenters will define the concept of STS, describe their experiences in leadership and supervision and provide the results from a research project that targeted secondary traumatic stress and compassion satisfaction during supervision.

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