March 2, 2023    
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Until a few years ago, Gemma was utilizing data reflectively, and we began researching options to be more innovative with our data.  In collaboration with BCT Partners, we developed decision support recommendation tools for our Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program and Outpatient Behavioral Health Program to utilize our data to create actionable evidence. This session will include sharing how machine learning evaluations can be leveraged to produce more equitable and actionable evidence, not only for organizational leaders, their funders, and key stakeholders, but even more importantly, for front-line practitioners and their beneficiaries. It is a central field-building need for the future of actionable evidence to be able to use data that are already being transactionally collected and produce equity achieving insights that mitigate rather than perpetuate bias. The field needs outcomes for beneficiaries who are Black, Latino/a/x, or experiencing poverty by promoting “actionable evidence” that is timely, credible, and practical, and is produced equitably with practitioners and beneficiaries at the center. We will be excited to share our process and product through this interactive presentation.

Join Kate Ryan and Pete York for this presentation.

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