August 13, 2020    
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Omni Family of Services is a multi-state human services agency serving adults and children. At the heart of our organization we employ an Omni-developed trauma competent model of care focused on bridging the gap between behavioral and physical health services and social services to help keep kids, families and the communities they live in strong and healthy. The Victory Lap unites young and old for mutual social and economic benefit. Integrating older foster youth into retirement communities provides them with housing stability, employment opportunities and the support of caring adults. In turn, the senior housing provider enjoys an on-site workforce, revenue from otherwise vacant units and the magic of intergenerational friendships. The Omni Visions and The Victory Lap partnership is designed to provide a step down incentive for Youth who excel in the Omni Visions, Independent Living Academy Program. Our mission is to provide the appropriate youth with a more independent, and least restrictive, living experience while introducing new support from the retirement community and continuing support from the Omni Visions, case management staff.


Nathan Harmening, Omni Visions, Inc.


Rosemary Ramsey, The Victory Lap