Michigan Learning Activities Series:


This Permanency Webinar consists of three different learning activity opportunities:

  • Video: Belonging Matters: Removing Barriers to Permanency in Provider Agencies.  This video is less than an hour long.  Although it is targeted to all levels of leadership and clinical staff, all residential staff and stakeholders will be able to learn how to improve their organizations’ focus on permanency. The video highlights executive staff and a youth partner from Plummer Youth Promise (MA), and a family partner leader and adoptive parent from Stanford Sierra Youth and families (CA).  The faculty share key strategies, program practices and staff skills important to ensure safe and enduring permanency for every young person served.
  • Educational Materials: There are several educational materials included for viewers (e.g., the power point slide deck of the presentation; a document summarizing key points made during the webinar; a curated list of permanency resources for residential programs; etc.)
  • Access to an additional web-based three-part self-guided FREE Asynchronous* Training  for ALL residential staff and stakeholders: It Can’t Happen Without You – The Essential Role of Direct Care Staff in Permanency.  Total training time is 2.5 hours.  Each course is presented in mini sessions [EG: 5 – 10 min], so participants can complete individual sessions and pause, complete course by course, or complete the full training at once. The link to register is in the “Follow-Up Opportunities” area next to the webinar.

(Scroll down to view the webinar, resource materials and the additional FREE e-learning course from Plummer Youth Promise)

Topic #1: Permanency


Belonging Matters: Setting the Culture for and Removing Barriers to Permanency


Ebony Chambers McClinton
Adoptive Parent, BBI Consultant & Lead Family Partner



Nicole McLaughlin
Executive Director, Plummer Youth Promise

Joshua Metcalfe
Residential Program Director, Plummer Youth Promise

Jonathan Flores
Peer Partner & Former Resident, Plummer Youth Promise

Permanency Webinar

We hope that you enjoy these webinars, gain inspiration from what you learn, and share the videos and other learning materials with others throughout your organization. Your work with and support for families and youth is SO important! You are VALUED!

Follow-Up Opportunities

FREE Plummer eLearning Course

Information: Free Plummer Youth Promise Training Course for ALL MI Residential Staff
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Permanency Presentation Slide Deck

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