Carly Pedersen

Program Manager

Plummer Youth Promise

For the past four years, Carly has worked at Plummer Youth Promise in both the group home and supported apartments. Carly began her career in youth conservation corps and worked with youth involved with the committee for public counsel services before beginning at Plummer Youth Promise in 2016. She started with us as a direct care counselor in the group home. In 2018, Carly stepped into the role of first shift supervisor and took on the educational advocacy for the group home. Carly became the Program Manager of the group home in May of 2020. Carly is a strong proponent of both the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Model as well as the Collaborative Problem-Solving approach to working with youth. My passion comes from understanding the ways in which trauma effects the developing brain and the ways that professional care givers can help heal and grow individuals in our care. We serve boys 13-19yrs and their families. I have seen first-hand how finding and involving supports that can be a permanent resource for our youth can be the driving force for their growth and success.