Ebony Lewis

ACRC Board of Directors


Double Dutch to Dreams

It has always been the goal of Ebony Lewis (author of Dear Black Boy: It’s Ok to Cry) to make a difference in the world. Since she was young, she has done whatever it was that she could to change and inspire the lives of those around her, whether in a small or a major way. Following the suicide of her cousin in 2016, Ebony began her journey to become an author and mental health advocate. Growing up in a family and community that all too often ignored the very obvious signs on mental illness and trauma she watched many relatives, friends and youth fall to the hands of mental illness due to stigmas, lack of culturally relevant and affordable resources and the persona that being strong and vulnerable were not one in the same.

Ebony hopes that Dear Black Boy: It’s Ok to Cry will serve as a part of the necessary conversations around the world about mental health, especially when it comes to the African American community. She wrote this book not just for boys but for parents, community leaders, youth, everyone from all backgrounds to find the strength and courage to live free and feel comfortable embracing emotions and seeking help when needed.

When Ebony is not writing books or spending time with her family. She is a youth warrior overseeing program initiatives throughout the city with a strong emphasis on self-esteem, personal branding, health & wellness and leadership skills. Ebony is also the proud CEO of Double Dutch to Dreams, a movement dedicated to creating a healthy community with a focus on physical and mental health.