Hugo Madrid

Director & Founder

Madrid Consulting

Hugo Madrid is the Director and Founder of Madrid Consulting, a Sydney Australia-based consultancy company that provides clinical support, training and assessments for children in Out-of-Home-Care settings.

Hugo is a passionate advocate of child protection and lobbies for the right of every child to grow in an environment where they are nurtured, celebrated and safe. He has been in the community services sector for 22 years and in that time has held numerous positions in child protection, out-of-home-care (OOHC) including leading a Sydney based OOHC agency as Principal Officer and Managing Director.


Hugo’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Psychology, a Post-graduate diploma of Counselling Psychology, a Master of Social Health and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


He has presented at numerous conferences throughout Australia and America sharing his insights into the impacts of childhood trauma on brain development, health, life outcomes and life expectancy.


Hugo provided a Practitioner’s response in the Child, Youth and Family Work Journal and is committed to a continued investment in children, families, reunification and building in a chid;s relational wealth.