Jamie Velazquez, Ph.D.

Director of Staff Development

Crittenton Services for Children and Families


Dr. Jamie Velazquez is the Director of Staff Development for Crittenton Services for Children and Families, in Southern California. With over a decade of adult education, training, and leadership development experience in higher education and in the non-profit sectors, she has led the development and implementation of robust training programs that meet the requirements of licensing, accreditation, and the various county, state, and federal contracts within the numerous programs at Crittenton. A background in education and psychology and a Ph.D. in Education, with an emphasis in Leadership Studies, from Chapman University led to a solid social justice education, rooted in critical theory, which greatly impacted her endless journey toward cultural competency, leading to Dr. Velazquez’s research interest in the cultural transition of Post 9-11 combat Marines. Dr. Velazquez has years of teaching Intercultural Relations at the collegiate level and is currently the Cultural Competency Training Task Force Chair and led the All Children All Families Initiative at Crittenton.