Jordan Wood, MNA

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Green Chimneys

Jordan Wood, MNA, is a seasoned nonprofit administration professional, specializing in strategic planning, workforce development and program evaluation. Jordan has worked for Green Chimneys Children’s Services for the last 15 years, an agency world-renowned for providing children with animal-assisted therapy and nature-based programs. Jordan has a keen understanding of the foundational elements required to elevate both underserved youth and the staff working with them to excellence. Jordan has held certifications as both a TCI and MAB Trainer, utilizing these skills in conjunction with his rich experience in the field to collaborate with agency staff from a multitude of levels to reduce restraints and develop systems to support that initiative. In his role as the Director of Strategic Initiatives, Jordan collaborated with the executive leadership to design, develop and implement the Integrative Support Services department as part of the agency’s restraint elimination initiative. The merging of support service staff from Education, Residential Life and Clinical departments allowed the agency to provide the children and staff with a consistent, therapeutic, and unified approach to crisis response and support.