Jysenia Valle

Vocational Coordinator

Devereux Foundation


My name is Jysenia Valle and I am 35 years old. My job title is a Vocational coordinator for Devereux foundation in Rutland Ma. I am Puerto Rican and I was born in Brooklyn NY. I graduated from N. Grafton Job Corps with 3 trades medical assistance, homeland security and culinary. I currently live in Springfield Ma. My favorite things to do are singing, changing lives, working out and cooking. Started working at Devereux in 2012 and have been here for 10 years. I started off as a direct care provider in the school and worked residential  for only Spanish speaking students, became a residential supervisor for a drug rehabilitation unit for teenage males and females. Worked as a substitute teacher in the school for Math and English and was promoted to Vocational coordinator 3 years ago. For the holidays I am known for cooking huge luncheons for our students. Awarded Teacher Aide award in 2013, Awarded STARS Safety award in 2015 and Awarded STARS innovation Award in 2019. I currently oversee a Woodworking program, Automotive Program, Animal Care Program, Culinary Program, Pre-Vocational Program and Community Worksite Program for students ages 16 to 22 years of age.