Miranda Himes, LCSW-R

Associate Executive Director

St. Catherine's Center for Children

Miranda (Mandy) Himes is currently the Associate Executive Director of Clinical Services at St. Catherine’s Center for Children based in Albany, N.Y. By day you can find her at various program sites (residential, foster care, special education/day treatment) serving the region’s most vulnerable children and families and by night you will find her trying to get a quick work out in between juggling time with her kids and attempting to maintain a fully functioning household, adding in the delicate balance of maintaining valuable friendships. For most people, building and sustaining healthy relationships may sound like a basic skill that people are equipped with inherently. However, it’s a skill that requires a great deal of knowledge, practice and experience to accomplish. Mandy’s lives by the belief that strong, healthy relationships are the foundation for living a full, balanced life.