Sarah Gordon

Director of Treatment Services

Dover Children's Home

Sarah Gordon graduated from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology and from the University of Southern Maine with a Master of Social Work degree. Sarah has worked with victims/survivors of relationship and/or sexual violence in Maine. During that time, she was an educator and a youth advocate working with students ranging from middle school through college. Following those experiences, Sarah worked on two separate grants through the Office of Violence Against Women to support higher education institutions in developing policies and practices related to disclosures, increasing victim services, and supporting prevention education initiatives. Since 2019, Sarah connected to Dover Children’s Home, a youth residential program in Dover, New Hampshire where she is currently the Director of Treatment Services for the program’s intermediate and independent living program. She has been instrumental in providing trauma-informed care and supporting a resilient workplace culture for all employees. Sarah is a Pinterest enthusiast who enjoys kayaking, group workouts, DIY projects, and bringing board game competition to a new level.