Shayna Ortiz

Campus Minister & LaSallian Animator

LaSalle School

Shayna began her journey in Lasallian education as a student, with her formative years based on the teaching of the Dominican sisters. Shayna earned her degree in political science, leadership, and global understanding. She researched indigenous feminism, where she was exposed to the Blackfeet Reservation and the Lasallian school on the reservation. She was then encouraged to apply for a service year with Lasallian Volunteers due to the immense number of hours she’d spent in and dedication she’d given to advocacy and volunteer work. She lived on campus at LaSalle School in Albany, NY in the Brothers community and, once her service year was completed, realized she wasn’t quite ready to leave LaSalle or the students. While she studied for her LSATs, she was provided the opportunity to become LaSalle’s director of campus ministry after the retirement of Jim LaFlave who guided the LaSalle students for more than 10 years.