Tekoah Boatner

Tekoah is a versatile multidisciplinary system professional with exceptional qualifications and a passion for growing teams and businesses. Her years of expertise in the human services industry demonstrate her capacity to adapt to customers’ changing requirements in various roles. She specializes in creating outcome-based programming and integrating systems thinking into business models, directly correlating to a varied financing portfolio. She is exceptional at assisting people in turning their concepts into practical business models with procedures that are accountable to the mission, the target audience, and other stakeholders.

Tekoah’s distinctive perspective and level of expertise stem from her upbringing in a society of conflicting ideas while being a Southern girl with northern ancestry. She is skilled at cutting through the “noise” that frequently results from fervent and strong opinions in order to discover the “still, quiet voice” that contains the answer. Her expertise in political science and multidisciplinary human services blends her capacity to assist people in navigating complicated human service systems with her quick analysis of policy issues and ability to communicate them in an engaging and likeable manner. The end result is a highly skilled individual who thrives on seizing the chance in a demanding setting. a specialist with the capacity to develop culture-based models that are flexible, scalable, and responsive.

In her personal life, Tekoah enjoys connecting with like-minded individuals in collaborative ventures to address community issues. She is a strong supporter of any cause that strengthens our access to Human Rights. Tekoah lives in Louisiana and loves to travel.