Thom Garfat, PhD

THOM GARFAT, PhD has worked with young people, families and those who work with them for 50 years. He holds a MA in Clinical Psychology and his PhD is in Child and Youth Care. Thom is the Co-founder and Editor of the International Child & Youth Care Network ( and the Canadian journal Relational Child & Youth Care Practice. Thom is also the developer of the training, The Purposeful Use of Daily Life Events which is used worldwide. Through his company, TransformAction, Thom offers consultation, training and keynote addresses around the world. He is the author or co-author of 7 books and numerous professional articles. His primary focus is on ‘making it work’; finding practical everyday ways to enhance the process of healing and development for young people and families. He lives in Quebec, with Sylviane. More about Thom can be found at