Tommy Lodge, MBA

Director for Growth and Partnerships


Tommy Lodge serves as Endeavors’ Migrant Services Director for Growth and Partnerships where he is an integral member of the department’s business development team, ensuring funding for existing and new programs that further Endeavors’ mission of serving vulnerable people in crisis. He also co-manages Endeavors’ outreach program, attending conferences across the country, working with non-profits across the immigration ecosystem to build strategic partnerships.  Mr. Lodge served at the Pecos Children’s Center Influx Care Facility for unaccompanied children its Deputy Director for Programs and Administration, equipping him with a wealth of operational knowledge specific to unaccompanied children’s programming. Prior to Endeavors, Mr. Lodge worked at the Human Rights Campaign for 10 years and the American Cancer Society for 3.  He received a BA in Political Science from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the University of New South Wales in Australia.