Trina Quinney-Packard

CEO/Executive Director

Youth Care

Trina Quinney-Packard, M.Ed. is the CEO/Executive Director for Youth Care, a Residential Treatment Program in Draper Utah. She has worked as the CEO for Youth Care for over 20 years. She has extensive experience in working with adolescents in a variety of settings ranging from public education, private hospitals and residential treatment centers.
She has been actively involved on the NATSAP (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs) board. She has served on the board for the past 10 years. She has been the Vice President, President and now is the acting Past President for the Association.
Mentoring new leaders is an area of her job that she relishes. She is passionate about leadership and helping managers meet their personal and professional goals. She loves being a CEO and having the opportunity to affect all aspects of the program. Learning from others and growing from the day to day challenges of navigating a residential treatment program are what makes her so effective in the work that she does.