Verona Pointdujour

Program Director

Wayside Youth & Family Support Network

Verona Pointdujour is a Program Director at Wayside Youth and Family Support Network where she oversees two residential programs for youth ages 12-18 with behavioral and mental health needs. Verona has worked in the residential field for over 9 years where she specializes in crisis de-escalation, pro-active behavioral interventions, staff development, trauma informed programming, and the integration of clinical interventions through a behavioral lens. As a Certified trainer of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention she is able to use these skills in direct service with youth and also as a role model for staff in her programs. As an immigrant to the United States from Jamaica, Verona is a vocal advocate in systems meetings for the cultural differences of families to be recognized, acknowledged and incorporated into the work on behalf of the youth. As a trainer in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion she encourages and challenges others to engage in courageous conversations and holds space for youth, families and staff to express themselves in an authentic and meaningful way.