International TRC Summit: Bringing Our Research and Practice Voices Together to Create Excellence in Therapeutic Residential Care



Dear Interested Professionals,

The Association of Children’s Residential Centers seeks presentation submissions for our international event focusing on research and practice in the field of therapeutic residential care.

The event will be held on a virtual platform which will offer attendees an interactive, live streaming experience as well as the opportunity to view all presentations for up to 30 days following the event.

ACRC has a long history of providing timely and innovative contributions to the field of therapeutic residential care for children and youth with the goal of raising the bar of excellence across our field. This international summit will facilitate sharing and learning between colleagues across child-serving systems and builds on ACRC’s recent endeavours to strengthen our outward facing work.

Several broad topics will illuminate the theme. Proposals that relate to the suggested topics will be considered as well as submissions focusing on other topics that reflect innovative and effective practices.

Below are suggested themes which ACRC’s program committee requests be the focus of submissions:

  • Attribution of outcomes to placements – using metrics and administrative data
  • Partnership working with families
  • Short-term placements – planned and purposeful use of residential care
  • Workforce development
  • Lessons learned and innovations created from responding to Covid-19
Selection of Presentations Presentations for the International TRC Summit will be carefully chosen by ACRC’s Program Committee. The committee will be looking for papers/presentations which:

  1. Model best practice and innovation.
  2. Use people-first language and incorporate family-driven, youth-guided values.*
  3. Include youth and/or family members as co-presenters.
  4. Include research and/or outcomes data.
  5. Presentations may NOT market or sell a product, consultant, model or program
  6. Embrace the principles outlined in ACRC’s Redefining Residential Series as well as the Building Bridges Initiative, all of which can be found on our website at

*Extra weight will be given to these submissions during the vetting process


Guidelines for Submission of Proposals

  1. Complete the online submission with an abstract of 300-500 words prepared specifically for this request for submissions and provide all requested information.
  2. Designate a primary author in your proposal. Only that person will receive communication from ACRC and will then be responsible for informing any co-author/co-presenter(s).
  3. Deadline for receipt of proposals is September 21, 2020
  4. Submissions must be uploaded to our website


 You will be asked to submit the following:

  1. Abstract: 300-500 word abstract of your proposed presentation
  2. Topic
    • Focus of presentation
    • How presentation relates to conference topic
  3. Bio and Resume: A short (4-6 line ONLY) biographical statement and your resume
  4. Learning goals
    • Learning goals for participants
    • Two true/false or multiple-choice questions participants will be able to answer if they are present
  5.  Brief description of your presenting experience.
  6. Photos of all presenters.


Questions may be directed to: Amanda Prange (414) 359-6548 or

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