An Introduction to The International Child and Youth Care Network – CYC-Net

CYC-Net’s main objectives are (primarily through the internet and electronic media) to promote and facilitate reading, learning, information sharing, discussion, networking, support and accountable practice amongst all who work with children, youth and families in difficulty. See the CYC-Net Constitution here.

The field of child and youth care work, almost universally, is an under-funded and precarious enterprise often characterized by its “charity” status and its dependence, where available, on state grants. In very few countries is it regarded as an independent profession with dedicated training institutions and professional regulation. Canada, the UK, USA and South Africa have been notable exceptions in terms of their experience, academic status and state regulation, with the added support of professional associations.

However, even in these countries, at the practice level, resources and delivery are varied. CYC-Net was developed with the intention of supporting child and youth care workers, who often are isolated and unsupported in geographically underserved and dispersed parts of the world, where limited access to libraries and low salary levels frequently prevents them from accessing any training whatsoever.


Martin Stabrey

Chief Operations Officer & Managing Editor , CYC-Net and The CYC-Net Press; South Africa