Pipelines to Leadership: Seeing future management teams emerging from front line staff

There’s no question our direct care staff hold incredible institutional knowledge, relational practice experience, and a deep understanding of the needs presented by the children and families we serve. For those who have come up the leadership pipeline from their direct care roles, there is an understanding that their talents and values are rooted in their early days working in the milieu. Hear from several current leaders in the field who’s careers began in direct care and were afforded the nurturance of their predecessors, which helped support their own career trajectories. The discussion will turn to guiding our field toward fostering the talents of emerging leaders, encouraging diversity of all forms across our leadership structures, and sending the message that our front line staff are not only crucial to the success of residential interventions but to the future of our field.


Okpara Rice

CEO , Tanager Place & William Powers

Email: Orice@tanagerplace.org

Margaret Vimont

Vice President of Strategy and Service Development , Nexus Youth and Family Services

Email: mvimont@nexus-yfs.org

Joe Ford

Chief Program Officer , Sycamores

Email: jford@sycamores.org

Pete Myers, PsyD

Director of Group and Therapeutic Community Services , Yellowbrick

Email: pmyers@yellowbrickprogram.com