I have licensed beds in my existing foster care and/or residential program and I want to contract directly with ORR.

Contract With ORR to Serve Unaccompanied Children

Become a Direct ORR Grantee or Short-Term Contractor


The US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (ACF) is calling on partners across the country to support a broad-sweeping humanitarian effort to swiftly place thousands of unaccompanied children into the care of safe, licensed, community-based providers that have open shelter beds.

ACRC is working with federal partners in a unified and coordinated effort to support providers who would like to join in this work as aligned with your capacity and expertise. Federal partners are working to streamline application and contracting processes, facilitate staff hiring resources, and increasing allowances to address resource needs.

Provider organizations that have an active state license for residential or foster care placement of children/youth and have adequate staff capacity, including fluent Spanish speaking staff, have two options based on desired nature of grantee relationship: contract directly or subcontract under a current UC provider. This page contains details for those interested in partnering directly with ORR. Public agencies (a city, county or state government), in addition to private providers, can also submit direct applications to serve unaccompanied children.


Next Steps:


Follow PATH 1 on the chart


Step #1 (optional). Please fill out this ORR survey, which will prompt you to share information about your organization’s resources and ability to meet the present needs in support of the effort to expand licensed beds for  unaccompanied children. The survey will help you understand the best path or option for considering if this is a fit for your organization’s capabilities, resources, and interests. Although this is not required for those who wish to contract directly with ORR, it will let ACF know of your intentions to apply.

Interested Provider Survey

Step #2. Providers who desire to partner directly with ORR should review and submit corresponding materials based on best fit for the applying organization:

Please submit your application along with the required forms listed in the attachment to Peter Thompson, Director of the Office of Grants Policy, at Peter.Thompson@acf.hhs.gov, with a  copy to Elizabeth.Leo@acf.hhs.gov and Ashley.Alexander@acf.hhs.gov. The required forms are available at grants.gov. Please download, fill out, and return the required forms along with your application.

  • Contract (up to one year) – access the contract solicitation and submit according to the instructions in the Request for Quote (RFQ) for ORR Shelter and Traditional Foster Care Services. Proposals will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis, and the contract opportunity will remain open through July 30, 2021. *NOTE – this is an expedited process specifically for providers interested in contracting to provide Shelter and/or Foster Care Services for up to one year (renewal or continued service through the future forecasted grant opportunities may be possible).

Access the Contract Solicitation HERE

Technical Assistance



Technical assistance for new potential UC providers is now available!

Open Office Hours will take place on Wednesdays noon-1:00 pm ET and Fridays 1:00-2:00 pm ET from May 5th through June 11th. You can join the zoom call HERE or dial (301) 715-8592 Meeting ID: 582 513 4317. Feel free to come and go within the hour, you do not need to register. There will be a UC provider subject matter expert on each call from Bethany Christian Services, Board of Child Care, or Lutheran Refugee and Immigrant Service (LIRS).

Want to contract with ORR and need technical assistance? Make your request HERE




UC Provider Overview

Recorded Webinar 4-23-21

Webinar Slides

If you think subcontracting under an experienced UC provider may be an option for your organization (you can pursue both options concurrently), click HERE


Please direct questions about this process to the Office of Refugee Resettlement Unaccompanied Children Program at DUCO_POInfoRequests@acf.hhs.gov.


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