TRC 2020 Summit Agenda

November 4th & 5th

Wednesday, November 4th



Organizational social context of residential care settings and youth’s psychopathology: the role of youth-caregiver relationship quality

The Building Bridges Initiative Measurement Framework

Demonstrating the effectiveness of a residential education program for disengaged young people

Enabling Young People’s Participation in Residential Care Decision Making

Moral Distress in residential Child Care    

Thursday, November 5th




9am CST

Looking Beyond Our Borders: What Therapeutic Residential Care in Other Countries can Teach Us

Presenters: Sigrid James, PhD & Bethany Lee, PhD


Workshop B

10am CST


Care in the Time of COVID & Lessons for the Future

Australian therapeutic residential care responds to COVID19: Challenges and opportunities

Measuring Client Success 

Improving Trauma-Informed Care Through Measurement and Use of Data


Workshop C

11am CST

Child Labor Trafficking: The Overlooked Form of Human Trafficking Impacting Youth and Young Adults

Sharing our Experiences of Partnering with Families of Young People in Residential Care

“Consumer” perspectives: Youths’ ratings of residential group care quality using a statewide sample

Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Residential Treatment during COVID

Co-producing a Staff Wellbeing Charter with Residential Children’s Home Practitioners






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